MendixSSO Issues Following 9.20 Update

Hi all,    I recently attempted updating my project to 9.20. However when I did I started getting some login issues. Our project is configured to show a different homepage to anonymous users, that invites them to click a button that routes them to the /login.html page, which triggers the MendixSSO login flow.   We’re using Microsoft Azure AD as our SSO provider, and things had been working perfectly up until now.    The issue is that when the login button is clicked, Mendix just serves up the Anonymous home page again, and refuses to load any pages that are accessible by URL. I believe the flow is completing, as the logs are showing that the correct user is beginning a session, and with the correct privilege levels.   Has something been changed for 9.19 or 9.20 that I need to account for?   Addendum: Since reverting back to a 9.18 deployment, I’m now having an issue where trying to log in as normal gives an “an error occurred, please contact your system administrator” however nothing is being logged. The page remains blank, however if I navigate to {projectURL} and remove the trailing /index.html from the end of the address then it loads properly. Feels like something is wrong with the index.html file?   Might be worth noting as well that we recently migrated from SVN to Git, however that’s not something that’s reversible!   Jamie
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Mendix has resolved this issue via a module update.
Make sure you upgrade your SSO module after migrating to 9.20+