Changes in the User Email ID

Hello, We have few live Mendix apps, people are using these for more than year now and have plenty of data associated to individual users. Now some of these user’s email id is going to change due to internal organization change for example to All these apps use MS Azure SSO to authenticate and email is the name ID. So, I am assuming when they have new email it will be like a new user, and they will lose there existing data association. Is there a way in Mendix to merge / mount user accounts?
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I assume that with your SSO logic, a Mendix account is created on the first login, and if an account already exists, that Mendix account is used for each subsequent login.


You'd have to take a look where this happens in a microflow, and build your own custom logic to retrieve the existing account based on some other ID if that is available. If no such ID is available, then matching accounts would have to be done manually and you'd have to build logic for that.