How to Configure OIDC When I Cant Login

Hello, I have setup OIDC for my app, I have tested it, and confirmed it works once I configured it while running it locally.  Today however, I published to our developer testing environment, but I am not allowed to navigate to the OIDC configuration screen to make it work properly in that environment.   When I did it locally, I was able to login as the app administrator without the OIDC login to setup the configuration.  But in the developer testing environment, it will not accept the app administrator username and password.  Any ideas how I can get around this?
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Hi Carter,


The local deployment allows MxAdmin with the standard password to connect. This will not work on the Mendix Cloud. You could have created an Administrator equivalent user and a Snapshot of the data. This would have provisioned that data to the Cloud on the initial built.


Now you can use an after-startup Microflow that retrieves a specific Administration.Account with a known name. If not present, you can create it with a hardcoded password in the Microflow. 


Something like this:



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