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I’m working on an app, were as owner i want to grant permission to employees to manage “queues”  this queues are only created as owner and eventually 1 user would be owner of some queues and also could have some  permission granted from manage other queues that he didn’t create. This “permissions” are always the same ones, is a group of pages and microflows access.    Whit that being says, and considering that each person needs to login and create an account for that were there is no differensiation of roles (only one role) how can i allow this employees the access to the group of pages and microflows??   my question therefore is ¿how should I focus my development in order to provide permissions to other users with accounts in the app?   an important fact is that later in need to use an xpath in a list view to show the element were a user has this permissions granted   could I assign a different rol (with the permissions)? can a user have 2 roles?   
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Hi Constanza,


The way I read your question is that what you call “queues” are not the Mendix taskqueues, but  a set of activities that someone can have more or less access to. In the access rules there are ways to limit access to objects that a user created (owner), or to objects that relate to a user (path to user) e.g. via an organisational structure. 


A user can have multiple user-roles, depending on your organisational needs. Someone can be both a team-manager and a order-entry user. You just need to make sure that you set the correct mapping between the user-roles and the module-roles.

I hope this helps you in the right direction.