Event app, 2.3.4 - DataWidgets/DataGrid and App Security

I am trying to create the Event App, but typically when I try to follow instructions for Mendix courses, there’s something absent in the templates.   Here are the instructions: As you can see below, there’s nothing in the Entity access, no Entity to select and I can’t figure out how to add the DataGrid to select it:    
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Hi Ashley,

I believe this part is outdated since the DataWidgets module no longer has entities for which security rules could be configured.

So as long as the module doesn’t show up as ‘incomplete’ under “App security” – “Module status”, you’re good to go. 


Hi Ashley Barcel,


The image you are showing is the modules security.



Your app security is on the very top in your explorer.


Good luck with the learning path!



No – the instructions are difficult lol but First you check to verify the status is incomplete in the App security.


Then, you follow the steps to go to the App EventManagement > Marketplace modules > DataWidgets, then following from there, the instructions say there should be a DataGrid entity available to select.


There is not. And I don’t know how to create one there, as it is not an option.