Error CE2729 No access to entity Administration.Account for user role Manager (with no roles defined in module Administration).

Hello everyone, I'm in module 3.4 of the mendix intermediate certification and this doubt has arisen. The moment I configured the microflows. How can I fix this? Error CE2729 No access to entity "Administration.Account" for user role "Manager" (with no roles defined in module "Administration").
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Hi Thalles, 

  1.    In the aforementioned Vacation Tracking App, there are 2 associations created from the VacationRequest entity to the Account entity of the Administration module

  1. In the VacationRequest_NewEdit Page we have 2 input fields wherein the Parent entity’s object is trying to access the Administration.Account, for which the user-roles that are trying to access the page should be linked to Administration Modules module role
  2. To solve the error you are getting you need to link the ‘Manager’ User role as follows, similar to  ‘Administrator’ and the ‘Employee’ userole:


You have linked from the VacationManagement module to the Administration module to retrieve the FullName, but you haven’t given access to the Administration module to the role that accesses the page in VacationManagement. This means the user needs roles in both VacationManagement and Administration to be assigned to them to view this page.