How to implement Custom Authentication in Mendix.

Hi Guys,   I would like to seek for your kind assistance on how to implement OAuth in Mendix. I have created/published a “REST Service” with two GET end points. Endpoints are working okay without a security. However, I need to add security to it. Btw, I have also tried to implement “Basic Auth”. And successfully done it. However, this kind of implementation is old already I believe.   So, I want to implement something like a Token based, or APIKey based authentication. So, every time there’s a application that will consume my REST service, they have to add a Token or API key in the header of request. Then my REST service will authenticate those credentials or something. (I’m not sure about the terminology).   Here’s my sample done for Publishing REST Service using Mendix Studio 9.23.0     How to implement it? Any help is greatly appreciated. :D   Thank you in advance!
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See the documentation on custom authentication with REST services here:

Basically the client that is calling your rest service add the token or APIkey in the header of the request. The header is passed to the authentication microflow that you setup. Then you have access to the APIkey and need to check that key in the microflow and decide whether the request is authenticated or not.