Publishin App to users who are not Mendix user

Hello dear all,   As you can imagine from the title I can be considered as beginner in Mendix. Somehow, I was successful to create an app that meets my requirements and I published it. However, when I tried to share it to my colleagues in the company, they can’t see my app and Mendix Login page pops up. I invited them with their mail addresses also tried to set User Roles in the app accordingly…   I searched for it in the documents but I couldn’t find an answer that could help me, probably because my limited understand right now.   Could you please share your thoughts on my question? Thank you very much, wish you all a good one!
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Hello Egemen Karakus,

It was the same issue I faced when I published my first application. Let me explain you how to solve this.

The users you created while developing application is for local use only. It can not be used in the published application.
1. You have to turn on demo users.
2. In navigation set account overview page.
3. Publish the application.
4. Create users using demo_administrator.
5. Now disable demo users.
6. Publish again.

Now the application can be used with the credentials you created in demo_administrator.

Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.