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Hi , How to find the location of session timeout runtime setting used.  actually i am using OIDC in our application. In mendix runtime we set SessionTimeout as 1 minute. after 1 minute mendix session gets terminated , then if user clicked anywhere in the application , it goes to login process . Now my OIDC session is still alive, so what happened means its directly goes to dashboard page. the reason is my OIDC session ( microsoft in my application ) is not closed so that it takes the session from previous and directly logged in. I need to avoid that. so I want to trigger a microflow/nanoflow to close my OIDC session as well  
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In your OIDC configuration, you should look for settings related to session management or session timeouts. Microsoft Azure AD, for example, provides session management settings that allow you to control session timeouts.

Configure the OIDC session timeout to match the session timeout setting in your Mendix application. This ensures that the OIDC session and the Mendix session expire at the same time.


In your OIDC configuration, make sure you have configured a proper "Logout Redirect URI." This URI should point to a page or endpoint in your Mendix application that handles the logout process


In your Mendix application, create a microflow or nanoflow that handles the logout process.This flow should perform tasks such as clearing the Mendix session, logging out the user, and possibly sending a request to the OIDC provider's logout endpoint to ensure that the OIDC session is also terminated.


Configure your Mendix application to redirect to the logout process whenever the Mendix session times out




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