Using cookies to extend the session/number of times someone needs to login

Hi,   I have been looking for a way to make our Mendix app (which has a lot of users / companies) work in a way that users dont have to login each time they go to our app. I have studied all previous forums posts but none seem to work.    I found the Cookies ( on the Marketplace which mentions extending the session time but the documentation on this is zero.   Anyone that has figured out a way that people can: Login, do things like work on tasks, close tab, come back 3 hours later en you simply are logged in again.   Almost all of the apps/competitors we have can leverage this . For the PWA i see there is a setting for it but not for web users.
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you can change the session timeout using advanced custom setting


SessionTimeoutDefines after how much time the session becomes invalid (in milliseconds). After that timeout, a session becomes applicable for removal. The session won’t be destroyed until the next time the cluster manager evaluates the active sessions.

default : 600000 (10 minutes)


for 3 hours you could change it to 10800000


I would suggest using an identity provider in combination with the OIDC module.