How to display specific information for specific roles in text?

When using text, how do you display certain information when different users are logged in? For example when one user is logged in you only show the information specific to them, but when another user is logged in, you display the information that is belonging to that user?
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  1. Set Up Security Roles:

    • Define security roles that represent different user groups or permissions in your application. For example, you might have roles like "User", "Manager", "Admin", etc.
    • Assign these security roles to the appropriate users based on their roles or permissions within the application.
  2. Define Access Rules:

    • Go to the "Domain Model" section in Mendix Studio Pro.
    • Open the entity for which you want to control access to specific information.
    • Define access rules for each entity to restrict access based on user roles. You can control whether users can view, edit, or delete specific data.