User Management affecting Administration module

Hello all,   I am trying to develop an application that allows administrators to manage a role “director”. Manage meaning create, edit and delete. I am trying to use the Account_Overview from the Administration module, it works if I manage all users. However, once I set admins to manage only directors and admins the page breaks and I cannot edit the members.   I cannot figure out why some permissions are revoked and I can no longer manage users who have that roles. Is there anyone else with a similar issue and/or an explanation for this behaviour?   Thanks  
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Why not leave the role on all? Unless you are implementing other roles that cannot be managed by the administrator.


I'm not 100% sure, but i think the reason this breaks is because now the account you are creating does not have a user_role yet and because you've specified (no user roles) to false, you cannot assign roles to users.