Access app with IP filter

Hi Community,   We have an interesting requirement. Our Mendix app is deployed on Mendix public cloud. The url to access the app is public. In our app we have two project user role “A” and “B”.  “A” can access the app with 2FA, first with username and password and second time OTP. “B” In current scenario, can access the app with just username and password, otp authentication is not required. The requirement is that we want “B” to access the app in certain IP range (office location). Please let us know, is there any way we can just allow “A” to access the app from anywhere and “B” from certain IP range.
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Maybe not the most secure solution, but not so complex to implement would be to add a check in the microflow in ‘Default home page’ or ‘Role-based home pages’ for user role B to check the IP the user is coming from and deny access if it is not ok. Here is a link on how to get the IP.