How to start SSO with SAML from a custom login page?

I have just started a navite app in Mendix and first thing I tried is to create SSO with Azure AD. For this I have registered "Enterprise Application" in Azure AD and added SAML &  MxModelReflection modules from Mendix Market Place. Afterwards following the documentation; I configured all modules and managed to enter "IdP Configuration" and "SP Configuration" parameters within Mendix Application as follows:           I have a custom login page and I couldn't find any info how to add a button to start SSO with Azure? (I think by placing a button and call a microflow but I can not find the microflow). Also when I try to visit /SSO/ path, it gives an error like this:   I will appreciate if anybody can guide me how to finish SSO integration with Azure AD
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Hi Tolga,


If you are trying to implement SSO with a native app, you should use the OIDC module Mendix Marketplace - OpenIDConnect Single Sign-on Community Support (OIDC, OAuth2, SSO) instead of SAML. 


You can check out this blog for more details about the implementation Facebook, Google, and Azure SSO Using the Mendix OIDC Module for Native apps | by Vaishali Pathare | Mendix Community | Medium