Entity is not correct as an input for the pgp encryption microflow

Hello !  I was looking for a way to encrypt/decrypt an imported excel file stored as an entity in my domain model and I found out that there is the pgp encrypt/decrypt actions under encryption module. In order to use it I need to have a System.FileDocument entity for my imported file, and  I'm using as well ExcelImporter that takes templateDocument as an input. In my own module, inside my domain model, I tried to create an entity generalized (System.FileDocument), when I try to retrieve the list from this creates entity and use it as input for the file to be imported inside the pgp encrypt microflow as you can see: but it says : Please what entity should I pass for this microflow? How should I configure it ? Thanks
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Hi Maryam LAQLII,


Note: FileList activity is retrieve list of files.

You have list of file objects. While you should be encrypting the single file.


Find the file for which you have to encrypt then you will find the solution.


Hope this helps!