Update in HTTP Response Headers - Cache-Control:no-cache to Cache-Control:no-store

Dear Team,   As per the Mendix documentation, I understand that the HTTP Response Headers are Inserted Automatically in the login.html page. Presently by default the Cache-Control is configured as Cache-Control:no-cache in this page. Please refer the below link for details. https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/deploy/environments-details/#421-http-response-headers-inserted-automatically   However, in an ideal case, Cache-Control needs to be configured as Cache-Control:no-store rather than Cache-Control:no-cache as per the industry standards.   Could you kindly let me know if there is any chance we can make this configuration change in our application?   Please note: We have hosted our Mendix application NOT in Mendix cloud. We have created a docker image of our Mendix app build and then we hosted this docker image into the kubernetes cluster.    Regards, Vishal Byahatti
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The documentation states on the cache-control headers:

A number of non-configurable response headers are added automatically by Mendix and the deployment environment. These are listed below.

So it seems that there is no possible option to configure the specific header at this moment.