REST API token authentication

Hi Guys, I have a requirement that I have to use Mendix as a bridge between two applications. One application calls end point published in mendix and mendix inturn calls another application's end point. But the catch is all three application should use same Auth token which is generated from first application and all applications are enabled with SSO. How can I pass the Token of first application to Mendix and authenticate that token in mendix layer. Here user should be able to perform action by login in only into first application. Thanks.
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I think you should look into the OIDC SSO module.

Unlike it's name suggests, this module can also be used to secure your 'back-end' Mendix app. 

The 'first' app can pass the token in http header as a bearer token to the mendix app. OIDC SSO module can validate that token and OIDC SSO also has functionality to pass it on to a downstream api.

Hope this helps.