How I can see other users name, from another user that it is not an System.administrator.

I have a data grid that when the current user that is not an System administrator he is not able to see other user data, as for the name of the other users I want to know If there exists a way to see other System.user information from another user that is not a System administrator.
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My advise is to never do this.

User/Account details are the user passport to the application. These details should only be used to login (authenticate) and allow application/data access (Authorize)


If you want to display the name of a user part of a process like:

  1. Show a list of all your collegues(or alike)
  2. Show the name of the customer who ordered
  3. Show all employees of a comapny
  4. etc....

Then create a person entity (customer, manager, player, ...) containing all process related person data. Expose that entity with the right ristrictions to your users. This person entity can have a 1-1 assocaition to account. And buidl some Microflow logic to handle the account of a person.


Hope this helps


can you share your security role set up, normally user can read the name of another user. 


I see you already got the answer, but I will put it here so people with the same doubt can understand it more easily.

When you are editing a user role, you have the 'User Management' section. If you want a specific user role, like admin, for example, to have read access to the credentials of other users, you need to specify it here. By checking "Administrador, Solicitante, ServicosCompartilhados" I am indicating that the user role I'm currently editing is able to see the name of any user with these roles.