Configuring Security roles other than admin role

Hi!I was wondering   I have created Account by inheriting from Administrator.Account and configuring MyFirstModule/AccountAdd Entity as shown below.   I added the Manger role to the Security default User roles to create theWhen creating an overview page, the name of System.user is displayed normally in the Admin role, but the name is not visible in the Manager role.   [System.User]   [Admin Role - OverviewPage]   [Manager Role - OverviewPage (Overview page does not use XPath Constraints) ]  The contents of Login (name Attributes) are not displayed.   I think it's a problem of not being able to access System.User.How can I see the 'name'  Attributes Value in a role other than Admin?  
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Make sure the user role Manager has permissions in the system module and allow the user to manage the correct roles. You can chnage this in the security section of your app.