Error: The client is not authorized. Request failed with status code 403. Removing token and session. > if you do not have access to any tabcontainers on a page.

Hi, I am wondering if this is supposed to happen. If you have a page with a title and a tabcontainer with three tabs, you do not have visibility on any of the tabs (conditional visibility on user roles). You get the following error:   It seems that if your userrole does not have access to any tab of a tabcontainer on a page, the client gives me this error. I would expect it to show me the rest of the page, such as the title. But it resets your entire session. Does anybody have any experience?
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Although you can't see the tabs on the page by setting the visibility based on roles, the tabs are probably rendered and set to hidden. Then de data is loaded for the tabs that returns the error and loading of the page is halted. Splitting the page for different role could be a start of a solution.