IP Whitelist acceptance

Hi,   I've followed the documentation about whitelisting IP addresses, but without success.   First I added a Access Restriction Profiles with the CIDR **.**.**.0/24 (stars are replaced with my external home IP address). At https://www.whatismyip.com/ I found the external IP address of my house.   I changed the network settings of Acceptance by adding the '/' at 'Path Based Access Restrictions'. I selected the Acces Profile from the first step and rebooted acceptance. From that moment the whole acceptance environment is blocked. So, from my home wifi, but also from any other device/wifi.   Am I missing something? It's in Studio Pro 9.24.16.   Kind regards, Bjarn
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It may be worth looking at the http request logs for the application in the Mendix Cloud to see your requests coming in. Check the IP addresses they are using is the same IP address you got from WhatsMyIP.com.  It may be coming from another address if you don't have a static IP address.




Good luck!