Special Path Based Access Restrictions

Hi,    I have set the top level path "/" of our app to a custom access restriction profile of ours (IP range + certificate).   However, I need somehow to allow only a specific sub url to be accessing from everywhere and anonymous access.   For example, /p/anonymous/example/{ID}   I tried adding this path exception (/p/anonymous/example) to the environment with "allow all access" setting but without any luck because the top level "/" restriction is overshadows it.   Has anyone dealt with a similar problem? And how did you work around it?   Thank you!
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I suspect the app needs resources on other paths to work. 


Try looking in your browser's developer tools for the network feature and look to see what requests are being made when you try to load that example page. I suspect you will find blocked requests there that you will need to open up access to.


Good luck!