Anonymous - Open new tab

Hi all,   I'm facing a strange problem, which I think is a security issue. Maybe someone can give an explanation.   The user is entering our app as anonymous user. They can do all kind of steps and a certain moment they can create an account. Before confirming, they should read some text which can be accessed from a hyperlink. When they click the link, it should open a tab with the specific page which includes the text.   The moment the user clicks the button, a nanoflow is triggered and in there a javascript activity is called. It opens the tab, but the 'old' tab (where the hyperlink is clicked) is automatically redirected to the Login_web. In the nanoflow is no close page, show page, etc.    When I change the Sign-in page to a dummy page at the Authentication in the navigation and I click the hyperlink, it redirects to the dummy page. So, I assume something goes wrong with the authentication or the 'old' session.   All the pages are accessible by anonymous, so the access should be right.   Is there someone who can explain why the old page is redirected to this login page?    Kind regards, Bjarn
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