Anonymous User and Regular Login

I would like to enable anonymous users and have a specific URL that is given out that goes to a single page to display information data. If the normal app URL is used, the standard login page should appear.   Is this possible without deeplink, as I thought deeplink is being deprecated.   Martin  
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yes, It is possible you just need to give the URL to the page in the properties section and also give access to the anonymous user for this page. I have attached the screenshot for a better understanding





You can add a URL to pages.  If you create a page, give it a URL and make it accessible to anonymous users, I think that will meet your requirement.  More info on Page URLs here:

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  • In the project, create a user role called Anonymous
  • Enable anonymous users
  • Create a custom login page (you'll find several templates to use when you create a new page)
  • Make your custom login page accessible to Anonymous user roles
  • In project navigation, set a role based home page for Anonymous user role and make that the custom login page
  • Also set the Sign-in Page (in the Authentication section of project navigation) to your custom login page

These steps should enable you to see your custom login page when not logged in.  


Then create the anonymous page with a page URL


When I enable anonymous, how do I force it to goto the login page?


I am currently using the default Mendix login, which I think is not really accessible in Studio Pro?