Administration Fullname doesnt show for planner

hello,    i am currently working with a group on an assignment where we have to create a planning app. We are having difficulties with the security for the module role ''planner'' that we have created. When an servicedeskEmployee creates an ''beschikbaarheid'' it automaticly fills in the fullname of the employee.  this is located at administration.account.    The servicedeskemployee can only see his own created ''beschikbaarheid'' (store owner --> system currentuser). and the planner can see all the ''beschikbaarheid'' of every employee. When we switch to the teamlead role it shows the list view with the name of the employee. but once we switch to ''planner'', the planner can't see the name. We have checked the security settings and tried to switch the role from user to administrator.   here is some information:         when you start the application, this is how the list view looks for the teamlead (correct), and the planner (incorrect):   Correct: planner (incorrect):  
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Hello Tim,


The attribute that you currently use is not on account but on user; account inherits it from the user. If you look into the system module you see that user can only see their own name. The fullname attribute is on the Account specialization so what you can do is to create a small dataview that retrieves the account of the user and then show the fullname.


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