LDAP Module Not Authorizing and Identifying Users as Anonymous

Hi everyone, I’m currently facing an issue with an LDAP module I’ve developed. Despite successful authentication with the LDAP server, the module does not authorize the user, and after login, the user is identified as anonymous. Here are some details: The LDAP authentication process seems to work correctly as no errors are reported during the login attempt. However, once the user logs in, they are identified as anonymous rather than their actual user account. I’ve checked the LDAP configuration and believe everything is set up correctly. The issue occurs with version 10.12.0, but it works fine with version 10.8.1. Could anyone suggest what might be causing this issue or what steps I should take to debug it further? Specifically: What configuration settings should I verify to ensure proper user identification post-authentication? Are there any common pitfalls or issues with LDAP modules that could lead to this behavior? What logs or debugging information should I look at to understand why the user is being identified as anonymous? Could this issue be related to user permissions or bind DN settings in the LDAP configuration? Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!   Here is a screenshot using inspect element
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