Free Node Upgrade when not Technical Contact

I want to upgrade a Free node to a paid node. I have the paid node ready and I am TC for it. The Free node has a different TC (the person who did the first deploy I think).I am the Project Owner. I will get the TC to delete the Free node.  BUT then will I be able to attach my new paid for node to the project if I am not TC of the project? And if not, will the TC be able to attach a node to which they are NOT TC? I wonder if anyone has any experience of this and can help me predict. I'm worried I'll end up with a deleted free app and no way to replace it with my new node. Thanks Adrian
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Hi Adrian

I am not 100% sure but I faced this similar issue long back where I was not TC for the licenced node but was TC of the free node app that we created. I think we deleted the sandbox and then the TC of the licenced node was able to select that app from the list as he was also team member of the free node app.

This how to can help you unlink / delete the free node.

If any issues you can file a support ticket with Mendix.

Hope this helps!


Goto and select nodes from the left menu

Click the Select project button from your paid node and select the free node project from the list.

This should connect the paid node to the free node.

If this is not possible contact mendix support