How to use SAP user authentication and Mendix userroles, without using Mendix authentication

Hi All, I would like to know what the best way is to authenticate a user via SAP and still use Mendix roles. We created a REST service to verify username and password within SAP. When the combination is OK we get an oke from the service. In a Microflow I then can add a userrole to the 'current user', so that the user isn't 'anonymous' anymore. BUT, I see the role is added, but it's not recognized. I searched the forum and found sereval postings, saying that you have to logout en login again to activate the roles. But that's nog what I want. How can I get the userrole active without loggin out? Using SAML is not what I want or need I think. I just want to add roles at a certain point wiht a MF and get the role recognized by the application. Any suggestions? I thank you in advance for the help
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create a custom login screen which sends the input to SAP and upon verification  creates/updates a mendix account with the userrole(s) and create a cookie/session and loads the mendix application.


For best authentication for SAP as Follows:

Using Basic Authentication (User ID and Password)
Using Client Certificates for User Authentication
Using Security Session IDs for Single Sign-On Between Applications
Using Logon Tickets for Single Sign-On
Using Single Sign-On with Resource Adapters
Using SAML Assertions for Single Sign-On
Using Kerberos Authentication for Single Sign-On
Using Header Variables for User Authentication
Using Anonymous Logon to Access the Portal