Deeplink - require guests to login

I have an application where guest access is not allowed so when a user clicks on a deeplink they should be prompted to log in. I have allow Anonymous access set to yes for role Guest, which runs the AnonymousLogin_CopyDeepLink Info microflow. Guest role has access to run AnonymousLogin_CopyDeepLink microflow, Launch_Deeplink microflow and microflow that opens the link in a page. Guest does not have access to the page since login should be required to view the page. In Deeplink module, Guest has access to entity DeepLink (read) and entity PendingUserLink (read/write). Navigation is set to run microflow, Nav_GuestHomePage, for Guest. Nav_GuestHomePage calls DeepLinkHome. If no links, shows login page, but if links (which in this case there is), continues and tries to open the page. I then get permission errors shown in browser console which appears to be because Guest does not have access to view the page. Can anyone help point me in the right direction so that Guest user is prompted to login to view the deeplink page?  
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If guest access is not allowed why do enable it? Deeplinks already check if you are logged in or not and the login page will be shown and then continue with the deeplink. That is all part of the module. So disallow anonymous. I think you make it more complicated then it is, or am I missing the point here?




Tracey, that microflow is not part of the deeplink module as far as I can tell. You only have to make sure that the DeepLinkHome is triggered from each user role starting point. See also the documentation part Enable link resolving after log in