How to change the login screen to remove the Sign in with mendix account link

Can any one help me by explaining how to change the login screen that the mendix free sandbox has? So that i can remove the "Sign in with mendix account link"??  I tried replacing the "login.html" in the theme folder, but it only works when i run the application localy. But as soon as i upload it to the free sandbox, the login screen gets replaced by the default login screen.. Please help me.
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Modify the login.html in your theme directory.

if there is only a zip file (with you theme name) then extract that zip file in this same directory and set in the modeler in the settings your theme to Default. it will use the files in the theme directory then and also your modified login.html ;-)  (don't edit the login.html in your deployment directory, it will be overwritteren every new deployment)

option 2 is to handle the login within the model with this widget: you have to enable anonymous users for this in the security settings.