File upload security - Virus / Filetype - Mimetype check

Hi, We have a requirement to look at a secure upload function for files on mendix. This would require files to be virus checked, checked for mimetype / filetypes (i.e. avoid exe files been renamed to txt's). If possible this solution would need to be on both upload and download of files. In addition, we are looking at implementing some form of file upload tool (for example with a progress bar, simultaneous file uploads and a warning at the end to show if the upload was successful). Has anyone already implemented any of these types of security checks in a Mendix solution and if so could you point me in the direction of either any information or product? Many thanks   GM
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Hi guys, we have a module created for virus checking. Will update this topic asap when the module is ready. Planning is next Monday :)


Looked for something similair, a sandbox where the files are placed temporary for scanning. But didn't find anything usefull. You could check the extention of the uploaded file in a before commit.