how to add a New local Login account creation button or link

Hi, I have made an application that needs a certain user named "Director", allowed to create new local users who has the role "Supervisor".  I managed to make the roles and interfaces accordingly and  added the link to the page "Account_Overview" in the Administration module to the "Director" home page and Navigation, and gave the appropriate rights. And also Gave the Director role the rights to manage the Supervisor roles. All is ok and now the Director can make local user accounts for the Supervisor roles. Good, BUT the Account Overview page shows some unneeded tab for the Director, it shows Two tabs, one for the Local user account creation and One for the " web service user account" creation. The web services account creation is not needed to be shown to the Director, but I am unable to make it disappear. Any help on how to do this? Dilan
2 answers
  1. You can show the tab only to certain userroles
  2. or you can create a specific page for the Director?
  3. You should set security so the director isn't able to view, create and update webservice accounts

You could revoke his rights on the microflow that creates the webservice user.




The problems you see are security related. Create a seperate Director role and add this role to each module you need data from. Then adjust every entity / attribute that needs to be seen by the director. The errors gives you a clear clue which objects need access rights.