Swap from anomymous user to login user

Using the ForgotPassword and Deeplink modules from the app store and implemented correctly.   Using Debug I notice when I start the app and the first page shown is the pop-up to enter my user name (login page), that the %currentUser = Anonymous After entrering my login name and press the Login button I enter the MF associated with the Anonymous user; this MF receives 2 parameters (AnonymousUser and SignedInUser). But the %currentUser = MyLogInUser. So, somewhere after entering the login name and pressing the button the %currentUser has been changed from anonymous to the LoginUser. How can I do that in a MF: change the %currentUser from Anonymous to the actual signed in user? I think it would be handy when a user who forgot his password and enters a new one, can then enter the app with his own authorisations and not with that of the Anonymous one.  
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%currentUser always shows the loggedin user, if anonymous is enabled and no signin has been done, it will return a anonymousUser.

There is one option to transfer data associated to the anonymous user to a logged in account, called the signin microflow option.


After changing the password the user is still anonymous, so either you need to let the user enter his credentials or fake a login by creating a session and setting the cookie.