Android no longer ask permissions when installing app

I am running into the problem that on newer android devices when you install the app it no longer ask for permissions. Since Android 6.0, the Android permissions checking mechanism has been changed. In the past, the permissions were granted by users when they decide to install the app. Now, the permissions should be granted by a user when he/she is using the app. Because of this you no longer can use the camera, GPS etc. unless the user goes into its setting and add those permissions. Not so user friendly. Now it seems that there is a sollution for phonegap but I am unable to get it to work. This plugin seems to solve the issue: but I have trouble with the config.xml to use this plugin. I must be doing something wrong here. Anybody a config.xml example for this plugin? Or anobody already solved this issue when building mobile apps? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] Found the sollution. Edit the config.xml and add the following line to it. Would be nice if this one could be added to the Mendix defined <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-android-permissions" source="npm" version="0.10.0" />  
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This issue was fixed back in September 2017