OAuth login over custom domain gives blank screen in hybrid app

I am working on a hybrid phonegap package for Android and am running in some issues with the login procedure. We use OAuth authentication on a Microsoft Azure environment ('regular', not SAML). I adjusted the index.html of the package to make sure the login procedure starts in the InAppBrowser. This works for the standard Mendix app-url, but fails for the custom domain we implemented. Instead of the landing page of Azure the app's screen stays blank. Anybody know what I need to set or do to get an https request across the ustom domain?
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Hi Olaf,

We have seen this before. You probably don't have a correct certificate, sometimes the hybrid browser is more strict than a web browser. It might be best to open the web version and check the certificate info by clicking on the lock next to the URL. It might say something about the correctness there.