Best way to do virus scan when uploading documents

Hi all,   We have a requirement to check for virus when uploading files. I just wanted to write this question to get knowledge from past experiences and also for future reference here in the forum.   I found this app in the app store, and also this post on the subject. Are there any other alternatives out there?   Many thanks Gonçalo
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Hi Goncalo,

We created the module Virus Scan 4 Mendix you mentioned in your post. The API Ronald mentioned can be used only if the application is used for Non-Commercial use. For that reason we developed another API which provide a paid service and we built a Mendix module for that. Please contact our Bas for the options and plans.

We have implemented this module for 3 financial companies already and they investigated if al the (privacy) rules and laws are ok when using this module.

I wrote a blog about the implementation of this module to get you quickly up and running!


This one should be feasable:

There are more out there but this one is one of the largest I think.