Hybrid App use of local users

Hi,   I'm pretty new with mendix, and i have a very basic question (I think). Been searching the forum but cannot seem to get the right answer. So: - I'm building an hybrid app with anonymous access, so that new users can register for the app, and get full access to the app.  - I need to import about 6.000 users. (which currently use a different not-mendix app) - I'll be usinig the mendix cloud.   I have three questions: 1.  What is the difference between local users and mendix AppCloud users? 2. Do I have to import these 6000 users as local users of the app? 3. When new users register, will these be registered as Local users? or as Mendix AppCloud users?
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Hello Rutger,


1) AppCloud users are users that are registred with Mendix. With your user base I would stick to local users which are only known by your app.

2) Depends on how you want to do the registration proces. I would simply import your current user base (Excel import it). But you could skip it and only create a user account for the people who want to register.

3) I would stick with the local users. So creating a new account is a local user.

Good luck with building.