Default log-in screen hindrance

Hello everyone, Some time ago I posted a question regarding the creation/registration of accounts for anonymous users. We did receive some great feedback and some good idea’s but sadly the issue remains; we are unable to establish such an option (Sort of). What’s wrong is the following: every time we create an anonymous role + log-in microflow and basically set-up the whole system like everyone tells us to; we still get the default login screen….   So, what happens in short: the whole process/function should be ready, but every time we boot up the application we first have to get past the default login screen. Which kind of makes the function useless seeing you’ve got to login to be able to create an account…..   Any idea’s on how to fix this? Or some other way on how we can implement a “register” option on the login screen? Thanks in advance!
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Take a look at the SSO modules from the appstore. Mendix really wants that cookie that says "you are logged in". You will need a requesthandler that returns to the index3.html page and stores that cookie.