Deleting Local Users

Hello,   I cannot delete the local users I created in my locally app. It gives the following warning "Deleting object failed for security reasons." Mendix modeler gives a bit more detailed warning "Deleting object 4785074604081254 of type Administration.Account by user MendixAdmin failed for security reasons." How can I fix this?   Kind Regards, 
1 answers

Depends on your actual domain model.

Option 1: Change the 'User management' setting of the MendixAdmin role, such that the MendixAdmin user can manage the Roles of the Account you want to delete.

Option 2; Change the access rules for the applicable user role of MendixAdmin and enable 'Allow deleting existing objects'.

Option 3: If your Account has an association with delete behaviour, check that MendixAdmin also has permissions to delete the associated objects.