What kind of anti-virus and/or malware software is installed on Mendix Cloud?

We are researching a security specification of Mendix Cloud, especially below topics * malware and/or anti-virus software * countermeasure to vulnerability on realtime base A document does not say anything about virus or malware at all: Security for Cloud- and On Premise Deployment. Mendix App Platform Technical Whitepaper Or, no plan?
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Hi Isamu, There isn't any malware/virus scans on the uploaded filedocuments within Mendix. We've also encountered that issue and created the Virus Scan 4 Mendix module to check the content.  The module can be downloaded from the appstore. Beside that there is an example project of the module and read the detail blog on how to use the module.

I hope this will answer your question!


Mendiix does not check your filedocuments. If you want to check those files there is an app for that: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/29130/Appronto/Virus-Scan-4-Mendix

The assumption is that it is the responsability of the user. And if there is an virus in a document you can easily track who has uploaded that one.