User Name of object Owner

I have an Overview page for a particular Entity where I would like the Owner Name for each Entity to be displayed. In the (Owner Name) Column I have the Attribute System.owner/System.User/System.User.Name. As the Adminstrator I can see the names of all of the Owners against their Entities. However, non Admin users can only see their own names and blanks against Entities where they are not the Owner. How do I get the Owner Name to be viewable by all? Many thanks.
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Hi Ray, that isn't possible, because the object is indeed System.User. A non admin is only allowed to see his own System.User objects instead of other. Those entity access rules is defined in the System module which is read-only. This is fixed within Mendix which can't be changed.

The best to do is to have:

  • A separated association to define which account has created the object for your own functionalities.
  • More simple, to store just the username as an attribute in the object and everyone is able to see based on the entity access rules.