system.owner read access

Using 5.21.6 of the modeller... I have an entity which stores the system.owner association   And a page with a datagrid which displays information about this entity including the Name attribute over owner/User/Name   We have a situation where admin users are able to view owners on all entries in the datagrid and other users are only able to see the owner for objects they have created (for all others the owner column is blank)   I'm assuming that this would be down to entity access rules but I can't seem to see where.   The only access rule we have on the system.user entity is Administrator and User - Limited Read, Limited Write - [id = '[%CurrentUser%]'] - I thought this could explain what normal users see but not why the Admins can see everything.   We have two levels of specialisation of the user entity - Administration.Account and a further set of specialisations of Administration.Account.   Where would the read rights for this system.owner association be set?
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At project security level you need to set which other User Roles this User role is allowed to manage. If a certain user role is not ticked, the user attributes of users with this user role will not be visible to the user with this user role selected.