MxAdmin Login Not Working

We are running an on-prem app under version 6.10.0.  We have the SAML20 module installed and are trying to configure SSO.  The problem is that when we attempt to log into the application using MxAdmin we keep getting invalid credentials errors.  I ran m2ee create_admin_user on the server to set the password and even ran m2ee update_admin_user several time to ensure the password was correct.  Any ideas on why we cant get in or how to fix it?    Mike
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Since you are running on premise, I am guessing you can access and change the database.

- Stop application
- Query database for User records that are named 'mxadmin' with any casing (!!!)
- Delete these records
- Start application

Log in, using correct casing for MxAdmin.

Mendix is able to get in a state where it screws up the casing for the MxAdmin account in the database. Might be the case here, might not be the case here, but better to be safe.


 I finally figured it out. The code was all good but the /etc/nginx/conf.d/[appname].conf nginx config file had a bad IP address.  Once the file was updated and nginx was restarted I was good to go.