Demo users not working anymore since 7.6 on Sandbox?

The demo user functionality seems to be broken since Mendix 7.6.   When clicking on a user in the demo user menu on the right side in my Sandbox environment nothing happens. The log says that the demo user is unknown. When I delete and make new demo users, I stil can't log in via the demo user menu, but I can login by using the demo users credentials. Locally I have no problems. This is happening with multiple apps.   Does anyone else experience this problems ?
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Hi Armando,

We will look into this. 


This happened to me, I resolved by:

1. Setting project level security back to off and running in sandbox

2. Creating MxAdmin user, with pass of my choosing

3, Turning project security back to prototype

It looks like version 7.5.1 < the MxAdmin user isn't automatically created



Problems seems to occur because the generated password is not inline with policy. Turn off require symbol en run again created the demo users