Session removal not working for a user role

Hi all, With our application we encounter a problem with the automatic session removal from Mendix. Our settings are such that after 30 minutes of inactivity, the session gets marked for removal. Though for one particular user role this seems not to be working (while for the other roles this is working fine). The cluster manager correctly evaluates other sessions every 15 minutes (half of the SessionTimeout), though the sessions for this particular user roles are not ended. The dashboard page for the user role where this works and where this does not work, are alike, though in the page for the user role where it goes wrong, there are some more DS microflows. We do not use a microflow timer for these users. Does anyone have an idea on what could be going wrong? Our Runtime settings:  EnableKeepAlive = false SessionTimeout = 1800000   Thanks!
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Hello Jelle,

See the answer of Jasper in this post: