Annoying change in permissions behavior between Mx6 and Mx7

I've come across an annoying change in behavior regarding how permissions are handled between Mendix v6 and v7.  First, a bit of background - this is a multi-tenant application where data is segmented between customers, and access to the correct data set is controlled by x-path queries defined in the entity permissions. The issue is where I have imported some data for the client, and my account exists in a different data segment. When note records are created they show the Date, who the submitter was (via an association to the account record), and the note contents. If I have submitted or imported the note we have an issue. In Mendix version 6, in this situation, the note submitted by me was displayed in a data grid, but the data in the Submitted by field was blank (as they do not have permission to view my account record). In Mendix version 7 this throws an error and no notes data is displayed in the data grid.  The logs show an error stating that the user does not have permission to the FullName field of the Account object. Technically, this is correct, as they do not have permission to my account record, even though they do have permission to the Notes record. But the way it is handled in version 6 is so much better that in version 7.  In version 6 they can see all the data they have permissions to and the association showing the link to the account is blank.  In version 7 an error is shown and the user cannot work on the record as the datagrid will not display any data. This seems like a retrograde step in how this situation is handled by Mendix.  Is there any chance that the version 6 behavior can be restored? *EDIT* This issue has NOT been fixed in 7.8.0
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I will try to find it, but my memory is telling me that this was a bug that is fixed in a version of Mx7. Now finding which one. Will update if I find it.




If I understand correctly this is part of the coming release. See the release notes here: