Question about system domain model and our domain model: how to add new case from system domain model database to our domain model database

Hi all, We are a development team and now we are working on a project to develop a software for students, faculty and administrator to apply, post, check and approve student job applications. Therefore, when we design the system, we want our clients have different authorities. To be more specific, the students can not see the page of faculty and administrator. The administrator can not see the page belonging to student and faculty and the faculty can not see page for administrator and student. To accomplish this goal, we first want to use the project security to create new user roles as students, faculty and admin to seperate them and add instances as demo users. However, by using this method, we can not add the new demo users to our own database. Our question is how to connect our database with the system database and when we create a new demo user how can we add the new user to our own database.
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There is a difference between users and user roles.  You should create different user roles for:

  • Student
  • Faculty
  • Admin


User roles are connected to module roles which specify security on module level. When developing you can specify if a specific module role has access to a page, microflow or entity.

You can connect these roles to your demo user but you're also able to create new users in your deployed app. These manually added users end up in System.User of your domain model. Make sure you associate the correct roles when you add and configure a new user(runtime).

Does that help?