index.html redirecting to login.html for no reason

Hello, I am designing a bucket list app for a class of mine. The goal is to have anonymous users who can create accounts and then sign in with those accounts. I had a version of this working (in FireFox and not Chrome, but that was fine) but something my group or I did messed everything up. Currently when I run the app locally it displays a Mendix 5 login page, which I cannot figure out how to undo. When running in the cloud one of two things happens: (1) the homepage is displayed but the loading bar in the center of the screen continues and I can click on nothing or (2) the page continually refreshes, sometimes showing the homepage and then a white page until I exit.  I am at a loss as to the reasons behind this, and have scoured the forums for days trying to find a solution. If you need more information about the app just ask and I will respond.  Edit: Here is a LINK to what the Chrome console looks like when running from the cloud
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I believe there is an issue with the widgets you are using, namely the AppSwitcher and the ProfileMenu.

They are both loading and calling the same service. Moreover, they appear to be trying to issue a cross-domain iframe call, something that the browser blocks for security reasons.

All in all I think there is some issue with the widgets, or in the way they are configured. Maybe they are not compatible with one another.

Someone seems to have had a similar issue -


PS: An explanation why the app behaves differently locally from the cloud, is that the cloud runs under https, and is therefore allowed to invoke other https iframes.


Hi Owen,

Two things come to mind which might be very obvious, but did you set "Allow anonymous users" to yes in Security?

Further, are you able to create a branch of a version of a few days ago? Possible under "Team" and then "Manage branch lines"



Another reason why a login pops up is because you are trying to show something to the anonymous user it is not allowed to see. So double check you security settings to see if the anonymous user has access to all the data you want to show him.