Integrating Third-party login

We have a simple API that validates a user's credentials locally.  I would like to: collect the credentials in a form run the API create new user with authenticated username if it doesn't already exist log in the user   I understand I need to enable anonymous users and I think I can do the first 3 steps above, but wondering if there is a way to tell Mendix to log in user.  the default login options and the modules for LDAP, etc. in the app store seem to do this themselves.  haven't yet found an activity or other mechanism to log in a user "manually."
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Hi George,

   It is step 3 and 4 that will give you problems.  Fortunately, Matt Daniels has written a nice blog post about letting Mendix automatically log a user into the application.  You can validate the user against your API, create the account in a microflow, then perform the auto-login as outlined in the post below.

  Check out his blog post here: