Running in the Sandbox - MxAdmin password

Hi. I have just tried running Development in the Cloud (rather than locally). I am expecting the password for MxAdmin to be 1, as this is what is specified in the project Security, but it won't let me login.    How do I fix this so I can set up my own users?   Nick.
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When edditting a demo user, you can copy the demo users password to your clipboard


The MxAdmin account isn't created in a sandbox/free environment. 

As work around; You can create an after start-up microflow which creates this Admin user for you


just to point out something that I often overllok:

In the free sandbox app you can use the demo accounts,


What I normally do is put the security to Off and deploy to the sandbox. Now it is possible to add new accounts en give them the rights needed.

After that I redeploy with full security.

Your app is vulnerable for a few minutes, keep that in mind when using this method.